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About Aldys

Who am I?

I am Aldys and usually you can see me streaming various games. I started streaming at the beginning of my studies in October 2013. This is what I dreamed about. I played games since I can remember, I wanted to share, enjoy them with not only myself. You cannot imagine the joy, when I was finally able to stream :) And even though I study two fields - law and management - I decided to follow the dream.

Although sometimes I focus on one game only, I can play anything actually. I usually play League of Legends, but I am trying to move from it. We will see what future will bring and what people would want.

Why am I on Patreon?

I do not have any source of income, so as I am a student I still get money from my parents. My goal here is to be able to get enough from streaming to be able to ease them if it comes to my living (and studying) expenses.

My goals for the future:

First of all, I want to have fun. I did not start streaming to become well known for nothing and earn money. Although every streamer dreams of becomming a partner and earn money on what they love - gaming - this is not a priority for me. I simply want to enjoy this world with fellow gamers and share joy which is being able to play them :)

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