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About Alec Luis Goss

My name is Alec Goss, I'm a drummer, and my mid-life crisis happened at the age of 21. For the longest time, I was Lord Alec, King of Lazyberg, from the province of Lethargia, in the country of Don't-Touch-Me-I'm-Sleeping-a. I got A's without studying, made varsity baseball by not practicing, and got girlfriends without talking (because it made me seem mysterious(?) muahaha). Now I know what you're thinking, "Alec, this isn't making me want to support you financially. Actually, I kind of hate you. In fact, I'm currently lighting a bag of dog poop on fire on your porch as I'm reading this". WAIT, before you do that, let me just explain that I hate that Alec too. He was the WORST. So bad actually that I left him a couple years ago. You see the thing I haven't even gotten to yet, is that there is one thing I am obsessed with, and that is music. I have worked harder on being a musician than anything else. The only problem is that I've always been scared of being a musician. It seemed to me that in music you're either Adam Levine famous (and handsome) or a struggling nobody (and smelly). But when my finance professor told my class one day, "eh, don't try so hard. Don't try to be 'that guy' who's trying to make it big, just be normal. You'll have a decent life and then die, and nothing will matter". At that moment I realized 1. uh worst college class ever? And 2. I'm done being scared to follow my passion. In a way he was right. When I die nothing will matter. But what does matter to ME is that I'm NOT normal. Because I'm clearly pretty weird. Since that class, I practice 2-6 hours a day, play in a couple bands, started a YouTube channel where I make weird videos of me playing drums, and went from an A+ finance student to a B- (I'm most proud of that last one. Shout out to my parents). This is where Patreon comes in. As a finance and economics major, I can explain to you in broad academic language that: me need money 2 music erryday. Now I'm not just going to ask you for your money, that would make me a parasite. I don't want to be a parasite. Which is why I like Patreon because the money is small and monthly and I will be giving back to you! My patron! I'll be giving you things like behind the scenes info on my journey, personal drum lessons, and shoutouts if I somehow become Adam Levine famous. But most importantly I'm going to be giving you every ounce of gratitude I can wring out of my body (ouch). A musician is nothing without his support and let me tell you, Alec, King of TryHardville, is going to give 110% on his career and patrons. Thank you for reading this and thanks for the support and if you become one of my patrons I promise I will never talk in the 3rd person again.
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Part of the reason I named my YouTube channel "The DrumCircle" and not "Alec Plays Drums" is because I want to build a community. I want to do the exact same here on Patreon! Which is why if we get to 10 patrons, I'm going to send you all something cool in the mail. Who knows what it will be??
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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