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is creating music, theatre, & film that inspire you to live your best life
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About Alena Bernardi

Hello Game Changers!

Alena Bernardi here! Female composer/singer/actor extraordinaire and creator of Swiped The Musical! 

I am creating projects that inspire you to smile large, use your brain, and live your best life. 

What’s next for Swiped The Musical you may ask?

Well; New York City and Recording and Release of the Soundtrack of course!!!!

Swiped The Musial had an amazing first run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival and is now ready to hit the road and visit an educational institution or performance venue near you.

We need your help to make this happen and literally ANYTHING helps. The more buzz around this project and the more people joining together to make it happen with as much as they can offer will take it off the ground. We believe that everyone has something valuable offer and that anything is possible!

I have been loving getting to know all you all the past couple months and developing an inclusive, loving, and creative community online. Our live feeds on and Instagram are so awesome and we are literally shifting the world with the amazing topics we cover and the amount of fun we have!

I'm here on Patreon because I want the world to know that I am ready to transform female and all around human representation in the media with my Musical, Theatrical, and Film projects and I am asking for your sponsorship in order to do this. 

Please refer to the different ways you can support me on this page and I look forward to fulfilling my destiny and supporting all of your visions. LET'S THE GAMES BEGIN!


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At $500 a month, I'll be supported in creating an original song with a YouTube video monthly! These songs will range anywhere from musical comedy, to heartfelt ukulele melodies, to powerful pop-opera ballads, or fun satirical rap songs with the added coloratura lick of course ;). 
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