Alex Compomizzi

is creating Sketches and acrylic painting
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The Art Tots
per month

Welcome to the Art Tots! Toddlers have such amazing creativity! We might be drawing scribblers and doodles on the wall but we are artists at heart! 

Everyone is born an artist, the trick is to stay one when we grow up!

In this subscription you will receive:

* A thank you note written by myself

* an honorable mention on any future painting videos

* inside looks at exclusive sketches from my sketchbook

The Artistic Adolescence
per month

If you can get past all the mood swings and drama, the artistic adolescence is such a wonderful, creative, explorative, time! 

Figuring out the "do's" and "don'ts" of art , we now spend a little more focus and heart into our work. We stumble a lot on our journey for personal growth, but there's no where go but up!

In this tier you can expect:

*monthly original comics

*sneak peek on upcoming paintings 

* your choice of laminated print of a painting

The Artistic Wonders
per month

Boasting with confidence, there's not much you can't paint ! Spending years with the craft have truly unlocked a whole new aspect of art for you! Mastering a craft is one of lifes greatest pleasures! So sit back and marvel in the creation you can be truly proud  of ! congratulations !

in this tier you can expect everything in the previous tiers as well as:

*access to painting videos and tutorials

*canvas print of any painting

*vlogs on daily life : keeping up to date with the artist and what's in store !




per month

About Alex Compomizzi

Welcome to my very own Art Show! My name is Alex and here you will find everything that my creativity allows! Join me and take a seat as you will get to see exclusive sketches, comic, ideas, and upcoming paintings as well as videos and much much more ! So sit back and enjoy the show!