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A Bottle in Your Name
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If you're on my Patreon, then surely you're familiar with my "Alexander Drinks Water" project. 

Donate a dollar of your college funds to me (😉) and I'll drink a bottle of water in YOUR name. You'll have SPONSORED that specific sip. Don't freight. Your name will be included in the thumbnail and I'll place the video in a special Patreon playlist. Not only that, but I'll be sure to mention you in the video and take a few seconds to... I don't know... talk about you based on what information I can gather about you. 

I'll Send You One of My Old Shirts
Limited (30 of 30 remaining)
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Know about my "shirt series"? I analyze some of the old shirts I wore... yanno, as a tribute to them. Before I pitch them or sell them, I want to commemorate their existence. But why pitch/sell the shirt when I can mail them to people who actually want them (most likely because they're mine, obviously).

Seriously, a few people have actually requested I send them a shirt. So be my guest. Have one.

The shirt would be randomly selected. You could always go for two shirts, or three shirts.

Tier 1, Tier 2, AND a Secret 😉
Limited (29 of 30 remaining)
per creation
I'll drink a bottle in your name, send you a shirt (randomly selected), AND you'll receive a secret. 

I'm new at this, so we can hash it out, but I can send you... I don't know... an acapella I've been working on, a piece of junk from my room...

If you actually gave me $10, I'd actually be kinda bummed because there's not much else I can do for you. 

Like I said, we'll talk about. I'll make it worth your while. :)




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About Alexander from the Internet

I’m just a kid on the internet. I’ve gained some followers, which is pretty sweet in my professional opinion. I think gaining some support on Patreon would boost my motivation to continue and pursue creative endeavors on a frequent basis.

This link sums up what I do quite nicely:

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