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Thank you! I appreciate the support.
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About ch0co_pudding

Who? My name is Alexandrine! I was born in Montreal, Canada. I am an illustrator and have been creating my art since the dawn of time!!! Kidding, I've been creating since I could smear wax crayons across my mother's leather couches while wearing diapers; I've kept on trucking ever since! I successfully graduated from college with a major in illustration and commercial art and have since realized I want to do what I love and not settle! I have hope that through patronage, this will be the path to my goals!

What? I paint/illustrate mostly women as a subject (working hard to change that!) I like to mingle with cutesy, sexy, macabre styles, sometimes in combination! I also enjoy dabbling in emotional concept art and the occasional NSFW image!

My ultimate goal would be to grow my art enough to be able to make a living doing what I love! With that said, my purpose for creating a Patreon would be to help support more projects. I would like to offer my insights on tutorials and/or drawing guides and perhaps more if they are suggested. I want to be able to offer full resolution wallpapers, jpgs, sketches, videos and overall to help gain visibility to what I do and share my passion.

 With your support I can inch towards delivering more content and rewards. Every dollar you offer will help cover parts of my living expenses! With your patronage, I will be able to grow as an artist, and that's an artist's dream! 

At the moment I will not aim any higher than 1-3 updates per month. Therefore to accomodate budgets, if you wish to receive all of the updates, your budget must allow for 1-3 of the reward pack you've chosen.

Places I hide:

Facebook |Artstation |Youtube

100% complete
This is simply for the accomplishment of being supported lol Hopefully the first stepping stone of becoming awesome! :3
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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