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Hello, my name is Alexander, and I make music. My path started in 2013, when it was a first attempt of making a song. It was awful. But I didn't stop on that. Today, on 21 January 2017, I'm sailing off into a sea of sound, filled with metaphorical flora of beat, and fauna of melody. I'm still an amateur, but I will become better. I know. I promise.

Future of this

My dream is to become a professional in sound designing industry. Making music for video games.


I'm delivering content each month, if I'm not too busy with life stuff and such. Also, there will be streams and gaming and such, with everyone who wants to participate.


I was inspired by a lot of stuff. My first inspiration came from Pendulum, and their awesome, immersive music. Then I started getting to listen a lot of other music creators. I saw patterns. Some songs started to seem way too common for me. I created large playlists and was listening to them all the time. I saw how many creators use the same way all along. It sounds good but it doesn't feel right. I want my music to feel just right, and I'm trying out new ways all the time.
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