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Welcome to my Patreon Page!

Thank you for joining me! There’s plenty of tea, coffee, and treats; make yourself at home...

My name is Alex Bond, I’m a designer and illustrator for publishing and games. I believe art has the incredible power to change lives and build empathy, so my mission is to create artwork that resonates with you by illustrating stories with imaginative realism and emotional depth. To ground fantasy with science and history, I draw on my previous career in Psychology and my passion for history, creatures, science, and mythology.

Join me as I paint and dream up big projects like new stories and art books. Think of yourself as my advisor and friend, a patron like the Medicis of Florence, without whom Donatello couldn’t have created his boldest works.

What You Can Expect

  • You'll see everything before anyone else. New artwork, books, tutorials, dibs on limited edition prints, and originals. You come first.
  • Behind-the-scenes pass to my process, inspirations, thumbnails, sketches, the tools I use, and notes from my research trips.
  • Access to polls on what direction to take with tutorials and cool stuff like enamel pins, stickers, bookmarks, badges, coloring books, and other swag.
  • Free downloads and discounts.
  • Your name in the credits on my upcoming books and videos.

Plus all of the rewards in your tier. Check them out!


I want to keep my knowledge as free and available as I can and offer you videos where I can share my process in real time. Video equipment and editing software require a lot of investment of time and resources though, which is where you come in. I need you to help me realize this goal, by joining me and sharing my work with your friends. I look forward to revealing much more in-depth content with you than I could otherwise.

Do you want to pitch in just one time? Click HERE and send whatever feels right, or share my work and link back to me. Regardless of what you choose, I’m incredibly grateful for your patronage. <3 
Collaboration between patrons and artists have built beautiful wonders, so let’s create amazing artwork together!
Copyrights and Usage
Alex Bond retains all rights to all of the content she has produced and hosts here. All rewards, images, and text on this site are for personal use only. No commercial use permitted. 
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With the first 50 patrons we'll cover a year of both Adobe Creative Cloud and Dropbox Plus storage, empowering me to make videos for you. Plus rewards will be upgraded to include videos!

To celebrate our growing community, I'll share the MacBeth comic book issue I drew when I was 15 years old, which you can download wherever you are! Only you, my friends and patrons, will get to see lil' Alex's proudest work.
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