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If you have followed my work at you will see that I am passionate about improving health, optimising performance and looking good naked.
I pour hours upon hours into researching content, experimenting with diets and training protocols and helping my readers learn how to improve their health and life.
I set up this Patreon page as a way to connect with my community and as a way to help finance the work I do. As unfortunatley I don't get paid to write blogs!

If you are signing on as a patreon supporter then THANK YOU! You are helping me help you and many others.

Your funds go towards paying my website hosting fees ($3k a year!), access to research journals (did you know that some journals charge $30 to read ONE research paper!) and computer costs.

The world is far from a healthy place, but your contribution allows me to continue my research and work and educate people about health and well being.
So again - THANKS!
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My goal is to help educate as many people as possible about ways they can improve the way they look and feel naturally.
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