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Join me in my journey of getting my life and dreams together and watch me change the world AHAHAHA WATCH MY VIDS
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I need to start an audience in order to earn money. Earning money means upgrading equipment for good quality pics, videos and etc. Having a great quality products means having a career and having a career means having a lot of money. Me having a lot of money and career can help me in helping the ones who needs help. What keeps this chaos, fight, war and anything bad that is happening in this world is because of money and that's the reality. And having a huge audience can help me spread reality and what needs to be done. Lets not be greedy and lets start building ourselves together. If the most powerful human in the earth can't do it, how about let's do it and not relying and always hope that they will do something because nothing will happen. Lets start now, not easy but it will be worth it.
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