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About Alex Griger

Hello my name is Alex I'm from Argentina and I'm starting the journey as a Solo Game Developer, this is the first project of my studio Mamut Games. I don't have a name yet for the game so I'm going to call it "Nameless" for the moment.
As most indie developers I need to depend on me free time to work on this project. Between my daily job and my family I can only find a few hours a week to dedicate to the project but it is my dream to be able to do it full time somewhere in the future.
I am in the early stages of design and trying to come up with a plan and the main structure of the game, so any help is welcome.
I'm going to post content, media, and everything related to the project so you guys can see it, give me feedback and even ask for some features and content to include in the game.
Please leave a mesage if you want to ask anything or you want to leave a comment.
See you all soon.

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