Alex Halenda

is creating yoga videos, blogs, and teacher tools.

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First of all, Alex Halenda wants to produce the content that you need.  Imagine Alex producing free online Videos, Blogs, and Podcasts on: yoga posture practice, breath-work, meditation, healthy eating/living, relationship advice, motivational speech, business of yoga, interviews with pros, and any topic you request!!  Her passion for learning and self-growth are things she wants to share, but she needs your support.  If you subscribe to her pattern page, you help make this work possible for Alex.   How will she use your funds?  
1. To allocate time to study and produce quality content.
2. To upgrade/upkeep her recording equipment and purchase necessary tools.
3. To hire professionals to collaborate with on content and interviews.
4. To produce live/in person events!

Want to know a little more about Alex?  Here's her current bio:
Professional yoga teacher and motivational speaker since 2008, currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Alex is well known for her ability to lead dynamic classes for all-levels groups, and deeply healing one-on-one sessions. Her clear speaking voice, and comforting approach to the practice, make students feel capable and at ease no matter their skill or ability level.
Alex’s students display and report a multitude of positive results from practicing with her: building strength and confidence, losing the weight they previously struggled with, leveling-up their skillset in posture and self-soothing practices, and becoming more efficient and motivated overall.
Alex has been hired to work with large groups by Disney (2014), Macy's (2015), University of Central Florida (2016), The W Hotel (2016), and Okeechobee Music Festival (2016 & 2017). She has also trained and apprenticed under Baba Hari Das, Bhagavan Das, Ashley Turner, Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, Suzanne Sterling, and Mark White among many more master teachers in her local communities.
Alex hosts retreats and teacher trainings periodically throughout the year, offering students and aspiring teachers a unique opportunity to study with her.
Alex is an E-RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance, and she teaches Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, communication, and everyday life skills.
Alex offers one-on-one life-coaching sessions, using yoga philosophy, human design, enneagram, and her in-depth study of human psychology to aid clients in their pursuit of personal growth and happiness.
If you would like to work with Alex, please contact her via email at [email protected]
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