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enables me to keep on doing these videos on a regular basis and give kids or everyone who is interested in music theory a more fun approach rather than just dry explanations and nasty black dots and lines on white pages!




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About Alex Pfeffer

What is going on here?

Let's not blah too much but get right to the point! Music theory is essential to understand music and instruments, Minecraft is just loads of fun. Combine both and you got the perfect environment to explain music theory in a ... well, ... more interesting and fun way! :)

So, music theory in Minecraft? How does it work?

Basically I created a Minecraft world and set up all the necessary "things" to explain music theory! These things would be buildings, caves, mazes, mechanical constructions or simply large piano rolls to explain note values, rhythm, scales and chords!

Wow, you must have loads of time by creating all this. Don't you got anything better to do?

Two lines!
"I don't watch tv" ... and ... "Education is everything!"

Why should I pay for this?

Of course you don't have to, but I do these things for free ... and "once in a while" you have to make money to pay your food and rent ... and having the support from Patreon it would simply enable me to do more of these videos!

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