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I'm a photographer just beginning to dive into the world of owning my own photography business. I'm just about to graduate from college and am excited to utilize the photo creating skills I've learned over the years to go out and capture what I feel is important.

What do I feel is important you might ask?

I'm seeking to travel as much as I can in order to highlight global issues that we face today. From lack of access to clean water to changing ocean temperatures and from climate change to human rights. In order to do so, I'll be doing portrait photography of the people who are making a conscious effort to help their local community and, by association, the whole world. I'll include landscape photography in my work to capture as much detail as I can the changing state of our world's landscapes and ocean photography to bring awareness to the marine life that is affected daily by human activity.

All of these reasons are why I'm joining the Patreon community, to find people who share the same passion as myself to bring awareness to the obstacles we face. In order to bring about change we need to do it together. I believe my way of doing so is by using a camera and I hope you can help me achieve what I want to accompolish. 

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