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About Alex

A little about myself.
I am an avid gamer and Pen&Paper RPG player, I have been playing RPGs since my first DnD game way back in 1984 at my High school Library. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting and map making for my roleplaying sessions. 

My art background.
I am mostly self taught, but I studied Graphic Design for a few years before moving on and doing a little film making course, then on into the world of I.T but I have always continued to draw, draw, and draw.  

Where am I now?
Currently I work full time, but work on my gaming and art after work, sometimes staying up way past my bedtime. I would love to do this for free, but I have those darn real world commitments that always catch up with me. So to start off with I am only trying out a few tiers to test the waters and if all goes well the maps will flow!

So what do I get for my money?
Well each Tier will have a some cool stuff for you to use for your gaming. But everyone will have access to my Discord channel. But starting out I am keeping it small until I get use to how this all works. You will also get my maps way before I post any of them anywhere else, and you will get the hi-res versions. 

Where and what you can do with my maps?
Starting off, you can use my maps privately. If you share my maps among friends and gaming groups please remember to let me know and credit me (my signature is hidden in each map discreetly anyway). Later I may decide to move into the realm of commercial use.

And thanks for stopping by.
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Bare Essentials
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Welcome to the Map Table. 

With this pledge you'll have access to my most of my B/W maps. Old maps and news maps all in glorious black and white!

I'll be aiming for at least 2 maps a month to start off with. 


 You can expect to see:

  • Battle maps. (all types of locations)
  • Overview maps (towns, cities, dungeons, etc)
  • Regional or continent maps.


What you won't see:

  •  Isometric maps.
  •  B/W shaded maps.
  •  Colour maps.

The Necessities
per month

Welcome to the Navigator's Table. 

With this pledge you'll have access to more map options.

 You can expect to see:

  • All Tier 1 benefits. 
  • B/W Isometric maps.
  • B/W Shaded maps.

What you won't see:

  •   Colour maps. 
  •   Colour isometric maps.
The Full Kit and Caboodle.
per month


Welcome to the Cartographer's  Table. 

With this pledge you'll have access to all the map options.


You can expect to see:

  • All Tier 1 benefits. 
  • All Tier 2 benefits.
  • Colour maps
  • Colour isometric maps


What you won't see:

  •   Requests, I am holding off on requests at the start.
  •   Animated maps for fancy tabletop gaming ... stay tuned. 


$22 of $50 per month
Get a good steady fan base. So I can do more than 1 or 2 maps a month. 
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