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My name's Alfa and I refer to my YouTube fans as 'Alfadogs'. I'm 22 and a first generation American. My content has been submitted to contests and I have won one finalists award for the following video.
I have had a YouTube since 2009 but haven't found my niche till now. I am currently working on a Master's and have a B.A. in Psychology & Film. 
The quote above represents a lot to me as it is a saying that many first generation Americans and Hispanics/Latinos/Latinas/Latinx/ or whatever you want to call yourself feel... it means that we neither feel like we belong to this place or the other place that our family originates from. Video Editing gives me a creative outlet to showcase the talent I worked hard to develop and continue to every day. Therefore, it makes me feel like I belong, like I have a purpose. I like to represent my culture in various videos such as this AMV:

I also am currently doing a Mexitreat unboxing and will continue to do unboxings in the future. Here is an example of a goofy one:

Anyways, as a Master's student I am in limbo between jobs as the jobs I apply for either say I am "too qualified" or "not qualified enough". So here I am making use of my time pursuing my passion in video editing.

I will be grateful to accept any amount that you are willing to give, because I know you don't HAVE to and I know it seems like a lot to ask. The money will go towards all YouTube related things such as:
- better equipment
- making better quality videos
- boxes for unboxings
- education (attaining my Master's)
I like you, but I don't have the funds to support you.
That's okay, you don't have to! :D I post on YouTube for pure entertainment and fun. If you don't have the money don't sweat it. Patreon is a completely optional thang.
What kinds of videos do you do?
AMV's (animated music videos), general music videos (non-animated), documentaries, unboxings, life events, and gaming playthroughs and reactions.
How often do you upload videos?
I try to upload at least two videos a week, and it may be three if it is the week I get my my box for the unboxings. Also take into account holiday's.
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Once I get 250 amazing Alfadogs/Alphadogs I will be able to put the money towards better quality camera & make better quality videos. Will do a live Q&A with the better quality camera ^_^ private link to all Alfadogs/Alphadogs.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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