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Exclusive access to my Patreon feed. I will be spending a lot of time on this site updating and communicating with you. I want this to be a place where we communicate, grow and learn about each other. Let's chat!
per songs, video, music covers, originals
This Pledge will go along in funding us to do constant Music covers. With this i can then pay for the people to edit the videos and the studio to record the audio content as well as renting the equipments that goes into the productions. I have attached an example of some covers i did before. Check it out! of course the previous rewards will still be included :)
per songs, video, music covers, originals
Once a month i will do a LIVE and exclusive webcast by myself or maybe with someone else for you guys! We will have fun in answering the questions you have regarding say... LOVE? or i can and will be a pair of ears like i said before for you guys to just pour out your problems you have and maybe i might have an advice for you. Again the previous rewards will go in this as well. :)




per songs, video, music covers, originals

About Alfred Agus

Hi friends from all over the world! 

Well firstly... i am nobody famous.. not like tyler or some youtube artist out there... but.. I DO know a language that can unify all of us and i think i am pretty good at it.. not being modest (i kinda have to have the confidence!) 
LOVE is what keeps us going and keep us unified. MUSIC is a tool for LOVE to magically happen. 

A little of myself.. i was living in states for years but due to visa issues.. i had to go back to my home country, Indonesia [sad..but not giving up the idea of traveling out touring to see u all!]. Having thrown into the music industry for years.. i kinda know the pros and cons of it all..well mostly cons. So now i am back on my own two feet decide to do it all myself.. and i need ALL of your help to continue showing LOVE and my MUSIC to you guys out there. In hoping it can be an impact to everyone of you. With this there's hope for people like me like you guys to connect and have real connections most importantly :) 

so here's the deal.. by setting up a patron page you guys can not only connect with me but also help me to make dreams come true.. well firstly my dream and then future artist that i would like to showcase locally here in Indonesia to the world out there, to you guys! Also.. i will constantly do videos regarding LOVE... so all of you can freely talk to me and treat me as your "free" love consultant. Whether you are falling in love or out of love or anything about it. 

So.. Feel free to give and pledge as much as you can and like to. *ONLY when you can because i personally know how it feels when you have nearly nothing* With that if you give when you really want to give then the feeling of giving is a form of LOVE that you will experience. A partial of your donation will also go to non-profit organisation in giving back to the city. As you know... Indonesia is a developing country one of the highest muslim populated country in the world (*not a muslim country though*) and it is also a country where so many people and children especially are living on the streets without proper care, nutrition and education. I will then do a video together with some of these NPO that will give back and help these children off the streets to give a second chance. 


1.) Helping me fund the MUSIC COVERS videos that i will post minimally 2 a month and definitely more when i am more productive. Due to many talented people here that can help me make great videos and sound quality.. ultimately money is always a problem. Nevertheless with this i will give the best quality productions for the buck. 

2.) A Therapy session where you can just talk to me and i will be your pair of ears ;) I am not certified or anything but i do not think that anyone needs to be certified to help a friend in need and as simple as talking and hearing out i think it helps. Try it out! 

3.) Original Music and Music Video. It is one of my dreams to go out there and be known.. not because i yearn to be popular but i want to share my experiences to the world. Being able to continue to create my originals and Music video to show visually and audibly is a hope for me to be able to connect to you guys and hopefully earn enough to go on tours and connect with you guys on an intimate level! 

4.) Remember the children? once i hit 5k mark i will produce an original song and a video production along with getting more sponsors to be able to give back to these children and help to make sure they get the necessities they need. 

With this if i get more than what i expect i will create more creative contents that we can all chip in an idea to do together no matter where you are from. 

$0 of $1,500 per songs, video, music covers, originals
Ok With this milestone reached i will personally send all of you to those who pledge no matter the amount even the minimal 1 dollar, a digital copy mp3 mixed and mastered of the Singles ORIGINAL song *which i will show every effort that was put into it*
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