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About Alfred Paul Cabillon

Hello true believers! 
Instagram: @alfredcabillonart
My name is Alfred Paul Cabillon and I'm from the lovely country of The Philippines. 
I've started my comic career back in 2014 as a colorist from a indie book company from Denver, then I got promoted as time goes.
Now I am a full Comic Illustrator and I am also accepting commissions, quite a traffic as of the moment.
My works has been showcased from Long Beach Comicon to Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comicon which you can buy them from my art manager's stall "Kaiju collectibles". 
Been workin' with awesome people from Australia to United Kingdom. 
I dunno how Patreon works but I'll try my best to make this page wonderful and full of Magic!
$0 of $500 per creation
Upgrade my Old 2012 Macbook, It's coughing every now and then. :/
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