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About al goldman

WELCOME to the page of the Rip It Life Podcast! I'm so stoked and grateful YOU are HERE!

The Rip It Life podcast is designed to STOKE YOUR FIRE and inspire you to make moves in your life & get more adventurous. The focus is on big picture wellness (i.e.: holistic, primal, paleo, ancestral health, importance of spending time outdoors/adventuring in nature, mental health/mindset hacks) and how little daily learned practices can lead you to a more epic and inspired life. Think of it as GASOLINE FOR YOUR LIFE!

My goal and intention is to serve YOU in the best way possible. To me, that means quality, consistent and valuable content that contributes to your happy in everyday life. You DESERVE to have high vibes in your headphones at all times. Quality editing, time and hosting/editing/website and equipment fees contribute to the production costs associated with running the Rip It Life podcast.

My goal is to craft two episodes every single week. That's the equivalent of 20 hours of work. By participating in donating to this podcast, you become part of the bigger picture - the quality of guests, content and consistency that will be delivered each week. Plus, just listening to the podcast and recieving every bit of information is completely and utterly free. Like I said, I just want to help YOU!

Many thanks for being so RAD.
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When I reach 1,000 patrons, I'll select one lucky winner to BE on the show and interviewed - it will be EPIC!
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