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Sketches Tier
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  Thanks for taking the time and money to support my Patreon! Even the smallest amount like a dollar can really help! Thanks for all the support and love!
 This tier includes the following: 

• Access to secret sketches and a look into my sketchbook every month.

• Base sketches and videos of the sketch process when the sketch is done.  

Behind the scenes Tier
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  Thanks again for supporting me with an even higher branch. This truly means a lot to me! On this tier you will have a lot more access to things and you get to see a lot more of what goes on in the art process.  
 This tier includes the following:

 • All previous tier benefits. (Everything this tier and below)  

 • Every time I make a YouTube video I do a real time explanation with the video in real time. 

  • Explain why and how I made choices or added things to my pieces.    

 •  Monthly wallpapers themed to the month.

Early Access Tier
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  Thanks so much! You are honestly so cool. I appreciate your support!  This tier includes the following:

All previous tier benefits. (Everything this tier and below)

• You see everything including art, videos, and new designs first.  • YOUR username will be at the end of my YouTube videos.

Brain storm hours will appear in your feed. (We make YouTube videos and art with your ideas)

Free monthly art raffles.   




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About Alice

Hello, I am Alice! I am a freelancing artist currently and I am hoping with the help of Patreon and my supporters I could make dreams a reality. There are many things I want to do to pump up my art and make everything I do top notch. With the help of you guys I can make this possible!
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My first goal is $10 a month. If we reach this goal I will do art raffles! 
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