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is creating albums, film-clips, poetry books & theatre
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Wonderland: Inspirational blog
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A monthly blog exploring approaches to songwriting, poetry writing, playwriting, making a film clip, creative rituals, painting etc. 

The little secret thoughts and reflections here compel creativity and aliveness. 

You will hear about works in progress and about Alice Night's day to day life. 

The Beauty Realm
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In this tier you receive clips of me singing in beautiful locations making art with other artists. And reflections and parts of my journal entries to inspire Your Art and feed your human need for beauty and soulful expression.




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About Alice Night

Hello! firstly, thank-you for taking this moment to get to know me and my work. My name is Alice Night, I'm a creative natured person. 

In a time in which the human spirit is often neglected, broken, disenchanted, traumatized and lost, I hold to the idea that art can save the world.

Whether that's one person's world while they're moving through difficult times, or big-scale cultural shifts, art is necessary in a human life.

I write songs, I write poems, I make albums and poetry books, I write plays and put on performance-art-theatre-shows. I am working on novels, I create film clips and run creative writing and voice courses and retreats. (Voice Magic and The Writing Well.)

There is so much I desire to create! I have new ideas coming to me every week. Financial support is an incredibly empowering way to assist me to create and contribute new artistic work and good provocative healing stuff in the world.

You backing me on Pattern is a community of people saying YES, we value your instincts and what you have to give!

As more patrons support me here I will then be able to employ more makers, illustrators, film-makers, musical collaborators, photographers etc. All of these amazing artists add so much to the fire of creativity and the final work that is then shared. I will also be able to get to strange places on the edges of things to do strange work on the edges of things. In some ways I’m an artist/anthropologist. My work is with people, in the magic and also in the truth. 

I work with the equation art + honesty = alchemy. Thank you for supporting this vision and digging what I make! It is for you and your nearest and dearest.  

With love, Alice Night

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