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About Alicia Moller

*Who Am I And What Am I About?*
Hi everyone, my name is Alicia and I am a passionate introvert who loves to make other people happy. I am very theatrical which makes ASMR an interesting and enjoyable hobby for me. Making other people happy makes me happy because the positive energy gives me life. I am a kid at heart, but I also have huge visions and ambitions. I am creative, and also open to the creativity of others. I believe when we work together we can create beautiful art. I would like to collaborate with you to create videos that you can enjoy time and time again. 

*What Can You Expect For Becoming A Patron?*
You can expect exclusive videos that cannot be seen anywhere else. You will have the opportunity to request video ideas that will be put above all other requests. You will also be able to vote for videos via polls. Being a Patron you will get access to pictures, blog posts, updates, and other personal information that will not be available on YouTube.

*What About YouTube?*
I will continue to upload videos to my YouTube channel 

*Where is our money going?*
Your contributions will go to video props, but I will be completely honest and mention that a portion will be used to help pay for food if possible. I am a thrifty shopper so money really isn't on the top of my priority list..unfortunately we need it to survive. sucky but true. 
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I have created this page to get personal with my viewers. I am no longer going to express myself on a personal level on my main YouTube channel. Those types of things will expressed exclusively on this page. I want those who contribute to be given a special treatment. I started this page with finances in mind, but I have since changed my motives and I am more geared towards providing content and personal information that cannot be found on my channel. I hope you enjoy the changes I have made since the first month was sort of trial and error. I love you all and thank you for your love and support. 
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