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At least once a month, you will get behind the scenes stuff from our network! This can take many forms; videos, scans of our notebooks, our brainstorming process in our chats, etc.!

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About Alien Happy Hour

Alien Happy Hour was founded by four friends who are passionate about creating. We currently have three weekly shows - AHHW*F, Movie Club, and Musicology - as well as limited series and other streams and sketches.

When you support us on Patreon, you're helping us to keep producing and improving the things we're already making and opening up the possibility for us to create more <3

Our podcasts include:
-Movie Club: Each week we watch a movie and talk about it. It's a book club for people who can't read.
-Musicology: Musicology takes a look back at music throughout history, the legends and the forgotten. If you’ve ever wanted a podcast to put two albums head-to-head and see which one comes out on top, or simply examine the complexities of Tubthumpin’, you’ve found a home.
-Canon Ball Z: Taylor and Chris are watching all the Dragon Ball Z movies, trying to squeeze them into the established canon, find which one has the best evil henchmen, and discuss them to their weeby hearts' content. 

And on YouTube is Alien Happy Hour Wrestling* Federation, a virtual wrestling show where your favorite pop culture characters compete for championships and resolve personal issues in the ring. Catch it every Thursday night at 8:30 CST! 

Podcasts Losing Big and The Chat Room are currently on indefinite hiatus.
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