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About Alien Theorists Theorizing

WELCOME all prolapsers to the Alien Theorists Theorizing Patreon.

Alien Theorists starting in the fall of 2015 in Zel's garage as a creative outlet for a group of close friends. Fast forward 4 years and the show has grown into a top comedy/alien.conspiracy show ranking with some of the genres best! All this is only possible by the awesome support from the greatest podcast fans in the Galaxy. Our goal is to keep the show ad free forever, because if you listen you know we hate ads, a ton. So if you love the show, and respect our hate for the corporate ad machine, consider supporting your boys for as little as $1/month! We promise to keep increasing the quality of the show and striving to bring Alien Theorists Theorizing to the top of the podcast world!

Thanks for your continued support!

Braden, Zel, Dan, Andrew and Mr. Conspiracy
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The sun is setting on the time of the Prolapser, gone but never forgotten. Now we usher in the grand era of the Theorites! Those who have been with us on our wild journey to 300 Patreon subscribers have witnessed a marked increase in quantity and quality of our content. You have allowed us to learn and grow from your feedback and now we begin planning for our next big phase of development. Your demands and suggestions of how we can bring a better theorizing experience to you have not fallen on deaf ears. So that’s why we are setting our next lofty Patreon goal! We’re reaching for the stars to get to 600 subscribers so that we can bring you even more explosive Theorite fuel for your speculation reactors. Once we hit 600, we are making a pledge to bring you the increase in guests, content, and interaction we have for the show. All this, so you can theorize harder, deeper, higher, and drunker than ever before! Hitting our 600 goal will allow us to shift up gears nearer to a full-time podcast status. We have plans in motion to bring in guests to enlighten and intrigue you. More content like ATT X plus 1 to entertain and thrill you. AND More ATT Team meetups like our Discord Campfires with the Theorists and with you, our Theorite crew. So, join us, and bring some friends, as the ATT Crew blasts off even further into the unknown and sets a course at warp speed for 600 Patreon subscribers!
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