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About Ali Liona

Who am I?
My name is Ali, and I'm a writer, plain and simple. I started writing as a wee young lass, and plan to continue until I'm a crippled old woman with arthritis and eye problems. Even then, I will most likely continue to write (I'm an Aries, we're a determined bunch).
What am I doing?
For several years, I have had great pleasure and opportunity writing fanfiction on Wattpad: a wonderful site where fresh ideas can be shared freely by young and old, alike. I have had more success there than I could have ever imagined, but after months of meditation and consideration, I decided it was time to get a move on with writing a publishable novel to reach an even greater audience. 
Why Patreon?
With a format similar to that of Wattpad, Patreon gives me the ability to continue to upload stories and ideas while simultaneously preparing to publish. Immediate acknowledgement and feedback has always been extremely helpful to me in my writing process, and your support as a patron will continuously motivate me to get work done, and done well.
Thank you!
To all my readers and patrons: thank you! You are allowing me to live out my dream, even as a high schooler. With college rapidly approaching, your monetary support is assisting in my continuing education which will help me become better at what I do. I appreciate you and your contributions very much, as do my characters; without you, they would likely be sitting in a notebook collecting dust (which is not good for their allergies, let me tell you... the sneezing never stops).
Much love, Ali Liona ♥
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My goal is to self-publish my first book by the end of 2017. To do this, I will need approximately $2,000 to pay for editing, printing, and distributing. I hope to inspire and touch the lives of others with my work, and I truly believe that getting my novel published in a physical copy will be a significant step toward that goal.
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