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About Alina

I was born and grew up in Moscow. But I always had the complicated relationship with this big old city, which behaves like a grumpy old lady. I've never been a good match for Moscow. We constantly annoyed each other. Me - his stiffness, his - my gentleness. I was a stranger. But people like my previous boss, who came from Uzbekistan, or from any other place in Russia, were always dear to Moscow. Oh, this city is inconsistent.

You have to be lucky to understand it. And I will help you with it. I'm going to open you modern Moscow life with all its people, feelings, ambiguity and, of course, food.

I had a degree in literature at university, but last 8 years I was working in PR and wrote about the things I don't believe. Now I'm going to create a series of stories about really honest things, about our local life, about all of us. With your help, I will capable to live by doing the things I love the most - writing. 
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The best feeling for the writer is to know he has a Reader, I think. Thank you guys, all my dreams are about you. 
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