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About Alisa Nesterowskaja

Hello! My name is Alisa, I sing and make music videos on youtube :)
Up until recently I wasn't really thinking of singing as something important. I mean yeah, sure it was important, but I had no plans, no thoughts of where this could lead me.
And the video part was even simpler - I just wanted to record a video of me standing and singing. That was it :D
A couple of years ago I met an awesome photographer Tatiana who wanted to try her skills in filming. So, now we're a team where I'm doing the singing part and she is in charge of the videos.

For the last year, we made a lot of videos together and we think that it all started to look a lot better than before. We try to find nice places to film and think of more ideas to make our videos interesting to watch. And yet once we went to film near (not inside, just near) a beautiful old church but they didn't allow us to do that until we pay them :) Or sometimes we just say that when we earn more money, we'll be able to do this or that. But for now, all those ideas are delayed.

This is where we could use your help. We pay for everything ourselves, sure we can afford to film videos. And yet a lot of ideas are on the shelf "for future". So, we decided to try joining patreon. With your help, we could get our ideas out off shelf and make them happen :)

First - remember that you're in no way obligated to pay us anything. We're not trying to sell you anything, nor insisting on getting your money for ourselves or something :D You can support us like you want to - like our videos, share them or just silently watch. We appreciate anything :)

We would love to use more ideas than we can now in our current financial state. And if you can and want to help us with that - then subscribe us here :)
We're not sure how far this will go - but any donation will help us to do a bit more. Especially with current dollar-rouble course :D
Also, Russian winters are cold and filming videos in the same coat for 6th time in a row is boring. And hay fever kills me - I can't breathe outside. Nothing helps with it so far :( If we'll get enough money to film in a professional studio sometimes it would be just life-changing :D

To summarize - we want to make our videos better, we have a lot of ideas. And YOU can help us to make that happen :)

Thank you for reading this! If you're interested in what you've read, you can join our patreon page with any donation you like. If you want to support us somehow else which doesn't include donations - we won't start loving you less because of that :D :)

A huuuuuge thanks to everyone who wants to help us. You're changing our world :))


P.S. Some parts of this text are probably weird, but I hope you understand me :D I tried to write what I think. But my communication skills are very limited :D
$55 of $85 per month
We'll also be able to hire a professional stylist who will help me to look better in our videos :D
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