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You can see all the WIP music and files. You'll also get sneak peeks into what I'm releasing. Oh, of course I'll put you name in my music videos.
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You must really like it. Besides what you get from the previous tier, here is early access to free downloads of all my published music. 
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I... Don't know what to say... You get EVERYTHING, plus exclusive bonus songs, I'll probably ask for opinions a lot. You'll also earn a special thanks from me in each of my videos. <3




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About Alison Moore

I'm most interested in producing scores for games, videos, or even personal works for fun. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.

I started making music on my phone in middle school, then in high school. I started studying in computer sciences, but soon realized I did not have the desire to program. I love electronic music, and naturally I am drawn into their diverse sounds. I experiment, recreate, mix, and even sometimes compose. 
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I'll release the theme song to a video game OST I'm producing.
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