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About Alison Pitt

Who am I?
My name is Alison. I'm a single mum with two kids, and trying to make a better life for all three of us. I lived in the UK for 15 years and I just moved back to the States to be closer to my family. Podcasting, voice-over, and audio production work is how I fill in the gaps between everything else in my life.

Why am I doing this?
Please see above re gaps. Independent audio work helps me make ends meet. I do it on a freelance basis, and podcasting is a way to both showcase what I do, and also try and bring together others who do what I do. I want to create a community of doers, people hustling to create, and hopefully together, we can all make each other better!

How can you help?
If you are able to, please pledge a monthly donation - every little bit helps! Even if you can't contribute financially, then please subscribe to Use Your Voice and leave me a review. And spread the word! ALSO (and here's the big one) - please let me know what you're up to! I love having people submit their work for me to showcase.

How can I listen to Use Your Voice?
Well, I'm glad you asked! You can listen to the latest episode on my website, or listen on iTunes or the Google Play Music store. You can even go directly to its Libsyn page. It's that easy!
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