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What I do:

I create adventure-sports YouTube videos. The goal is to get out there, either with my friends, girlfriend or by myself, to show you my view of the world through a lens. Hiking, skiing, exploring cities or just enjoying beautiful scenery, you can see it all on my Channel.

Why you should support me:

I need your help to make more and better videos. Each video is packed with clips directed, shot and edited by me. With your help, I can go to more exciting place, support myself, create more original content and produce better videos.

Making high-quality videos has been the goal of my channel from the start and there's always room for improvement. There will always be things that I want to do better than what I'm able to do now. Your support will help me to expand the variety and maximize the quality of my content.

If you wish to join my adventure & support me, I will be very grateful. Donating, subscribing to my YouTube channel or just checking out my video, I appreciate each and everyone of you! 

Thank you!

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