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About Allan Fernandes

Welcome to my Patreon page!

I am Allan Fernandes aka Allan Von Green or just Von Green and I love drawing and painting!

I love the feeling that I did something with my own hands that is good to look at.
I get constantly inspired by other artists, by other people in general for many different reasons, and I love when I get to do that to others with my art as well! It might be throuhg a tip or an advice, or throuhg a paiting or drawing of mine. And I would love to be capable to provide some of that inspiration over here and have a closer contact with those who like my art and wants to get inspired by it.

I work with ink and watercolor and I have a deep love for very intricate and highigly detailed design that can convey beauty through a harmonious balance between all elements in the piece. Sounds geeky and it is! I want to achieve beauty between lush and simplicity. I just want people to have a pleasent visual experience when they look at my work.

Why Patreon?

I’m currently living in Brazil working as a freelance artist and as a Portuguese and English teacher. And I really wanted to have an outlet where I could have a more direct contact with my audience or people in general that likes my work . So I think this has the potential to both offer me that and also provide me some means to keep my working flowing.

What do you get by supporting me?

I want to offer the opportunity to people see my process like behind the scenes, ideation, thought process, techiniques etcI also want people to have an intellectual impact in my work by participating in my process of choosing new projects. I want a real interaction with my Patreons where your opinion improve my work. After all, in the end you'll be the ones who will benefit from the exclusive materials from each project.

Thanks for being here!

If you don't have the resources to support me over here I still want to say a big thank you! Just by giving a like, following or sharing my work in anysocial media because you really enjoyed my work already means a lot to me!

(you can see some of my work on instagram)

You can cancel your pledge at any time (Patreon charges you at the beginning of every month) so if you would like to try out a tier for just a month, I would definitely encourage you to do so! ♥

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Because I'm living in Brazil, the average conversion of currency offers me a broader access to supplies with just a humble amount. Which means that every dollar count and helps to make a huge impact in my life! So yes, I am definitely not just being "cheesy" when I say that every dollar count, that's REALLY the case over here!

Even tho isn't a huge goal it is a great deal to me! And I'll do everything to make your support well represented by offering tons of goodies and beautiful stuff to you guys. I really hope that this might be a realiable source of income so I can offer videos, articles and much more prizes and exclusive materials to all my patreons.
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