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I'm a web developer from Toronto, ON, who loves Slay the Spire and data analytics. I created Spirelogs - a site where people can upload their Slay the Spire runs, see personal and global stats and browse though piles of detailed statistics to improve their skills at the game... or just for fun. 

But, as it turns out, servers cost money and with the popularity of the project and a growing pool of data, the site has outgrown my basic shared hosting account. 

So if you enjoy using Spirelogs and would like to support its existence and continued development - please consider donating to keep the project growing. There are no any subscriber-only or paywall features, nor do I plan to ever restrict the core functionality of Spirelogs (i.e. having access to all the statistics) - this is purely a donation to support the project, not a payment for any kind of membership.

Anything in excess of the server costs will likely go towards board games and beer and will keep me motivated!
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