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My name is Allie Briggs, I am a visual storyteller and artist located in the North East of the United States. When I was little I grew up on stories of dragons and princesses, many where the princess was held against her will and the dragon was slain by some heroic knight. Something never felt right with those endings, so as a little kid I tried to make my own. Since then, I have never stopped loving fantastical beasts, mythology, strong women, and the wondrous lands they lived in. 

I am working on many projects! All the time and I love it! Constantly growing and improving with each piece is important to my success and stability as a freelance artist. One of my current ongoing lines of work, is creating personal commissions for D&D characters. Ever since I started playing back in 2012 character stories and design have been interwoven into everyday sketching. Using that passion to bring other's ideas to life brings me an immense amount of joy. It is also a great form of practice for the real deal, as one of my big goals is to produce artwork for Wizards of the Coast for their Dungeons & Dragons core rule books and modules.

Ideas of adventure and new lands were always plentiful and I constantly challenge ideas in storytelling. Is this enough; too much; too little; to contrived? This also relates to my own personal project, "Dragon Descendants." I have been slowly been putting together sketches, ideas, concepts, and short stories to create this world building project. I want to make my ideas more open to patrons as I continue to create a brand of women empowerment, inner strength, and symbolic folklore that include dragons as characters and not just beasts to fight. I am not much of a writer beyond short stories which is why I want to focus on a visual narrative that is the stronger counterpart.


There are many ideas that lay ahead. Some that might fail, some that might be collaborations between my patrons and myself. Others might be a happy accident of paint and ink. For now I plan to focus on making.

Making art come to life and allowing you to see my process is by far one of my biggest mental leaps I want to conquer. I noticed in the past that I tend to hide my sketches from the world. Many make sense, they are scribbles and doodles of abstract concepts or random things that pop in my head. Some I just forget to archive away as I work, zoning out to music and my own mark making thoughts. Others, are just a deeper idea that I hide from the world in fear that it would be trampled on. I want to show more of my process. If you are here, that means you want to see that side of my work, and I am glad that I can show you.

Side Note: Many of my original artwork will be for sale. All patrons will have first access to my work. Please email/message me if there is a piece that interests you and I will take it down from my store and reserve it.

You can find more of my work at:
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