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You will get updates on all future music-related plans, and (if you are comfortable) I will send you WAV files of all my songs before I release them, so you get to hear them before they launch :)

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Along with all the benfits of being a 3$ a month patron - I will give you a shoutout on my youtube videos and on my IG/snap story <3




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Hi everyone, my name is Allie Turner and I'm creating music. I've always been extremely passionate about music because I realized that it held so much power. Music unifies and connects people from all over the world. I believe it is the most universal language. My goal is to do exactly that; unify. 
I have recently began studio producing my music, and I have started branding myself as much as possible. Why I have started this patreon page is because I want to be able to distribute the best quality I can out to the world for my audience to enjoy, because in all honesty they are everything to me. Anyone that chooses to support my page, or becomes a patron is extremely appreciated. 
Thank you to anyone that contributes to my craft, it literally means the world. 
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When I reach 500$ a month, I'll begin investing more money into my music so I can produce better songs for all of you! Along with this, I'll up my editing software for better equipped music videos, entertainment videos, and all around better quality content!

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