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About Allie Moss

Hello, my name is Allie Moss. However you ended up here, welcome! . . .

I like making things. Mostly songs and harmonies but also delicious healthy foods, a good workout playlist and the occasional tour video. I love finding the best beauty and wellness stuff, kitchen gadgets and eco-friendly travel things and I curate lists of my favorites.

I’m a people person, and I’m happy you’re here. I’d love to know more about who you are, what brought you to my page, and what you connect with that I make.

My other work entails writing songs, touring as a sideman, teaching voice, co-leading a creativity workshop called Thinking Outside the Blocks, and I also hold a lil part-time job in wellness in Nashville, where I currently live.

This is my little corner of the internet and here’s where I like to post my demos and worktapes, most of which won’t be released anywhere else. I’m gonna post news and thoughts and lists. 

By definition a patron is “a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause, or activity.” I love Patreon because it allows me to support the artists I love, because I want them to keep making. If you like what I make and want to support me doing more of that, thank you!

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