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Welcome to the new AlliesEverywhere!

Our main goal to change the way people connect with the disadvantaged or disenfranchised. The site does this by giving them a voice and a platform to tell their story through our blog and digital resources. By having a place where everyone can learn about everyone, we can create intersectionality between groups and hopefully a better world.

AlliesEverywhere is a crowd-sourced information hub with the goal of becoming a virtual community center for those marginalized groups in society. We all know someone who has been negatively impacted because they're labeled as different, and AlliesEverywhere is here to change that.

Our ultimate goal is to expand and do more than just talk. After building an interactive online library of links, resources, and helpful information that contributes to peace and tolerance, we want to interact with communities both online and in person, creating a network where everyone is helping everyone else. Our philosophy is that with a strong foundation of knowledge, and an eager community of those willing to help those in need, we can crowd-source a generally acceptable solution on how to coexist on this wonderful pale blue dot of ours.

Our principle virtues are 1) Information 2) Compassion and 3) Positivity. From this solution-based model, we'll build a framework of understanding of the problems that face our world, and how we as individuals, and as a united community can make a lasting change.

Here are the objectives (followed by the goals) for AlliesEverywhere:

#1 Create an interactive resource page filled with links to help you discover groups, charities, non-profits, and more for marginalized minorities based on sex, gender, ethnicity, religion, and ability.
#2 Post at least one article a week in the Buzz Blog that ultimately facilitates discussions based on the contrasts between individuals.
#3 Create a "Science" section containing outside links and AE posts that uses true science as a base to educate.
#4 Implement a how-to instructional on discussing serious topics while maintaining a positive environment.
#5 Build and maintain an open forum for discussion, fun activities, and even international hangouts.
#6 Continue to educate and communicate the AlliesEverywhere objective of creating compassion across all walks of life.
#7 Partner with like-minded people, projects, and organizations.

We know this is a tall order, but we can make this happen. It is our hope to create a global phenomena that gives you an ally everywhere you go.


$500 per month: We will do a livestream thanking all of our patrons. We will be able to start creating a budget that covers the expense of the website and other technical things. In short, we can keep going.

$1000 per month: We made it to $1000! Nothing really happens here, except you the patrons will get a special surprise

$2500 per month: We can hire our first full time employee! This means that someone will be available to answer your questions, have additional content for posts, update the website even more. This is awesome!

$5000 per month: This means we can have not one, but at least two posts per week going out! We can also hire a couple of freelance writers. And of course, something special is coming your way!

$7000 per month: Woohoo! At $7000 per month, we can hire a part-time IT person to help maintain the website, and maybe even build a forum (we’re still pricing this out).

$10,000 per month: At this amount, we can have two full time employees. This means potentially hiring an editor, creating more special projects or outreach. And of course, something special for you.

$15,000 per month: This means a small raise for our full time employees, more outreach, and a special project of your choosing.

$20,000 per month: Not only will we be a fully-fledged website with regular revenue and employees, we can start researching grants and other opportunities to make AlliesEverywhere the best organization it can possibly be. And since it’s crowd sourced, we’ll be asking you for input…during a live stream!

Big News!!!!!
You can also participate by joining our forum on Reddit here:
Our blog will delve into these topics and try to present a better way forward. If you want to write with us or be interviewed, please use the Contact Us page.
**Please note that while AlliesEverywhere is for marginalized groups in our society that we do not and will not promote groups or individuals that base their belief system in hate or prejudice.
$1.26 of $500 per month
We will do a livestream thanking all of our patrons. We will be able to start creating a budget that covers the expense of the website and other technical things. In short, we can keep going.
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