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About ALLOWED to be LOUD

Hello friends!

This is official Patreon page of ALLOWED to be LOUD music band. What press say about us: 
"There are no restrictions for this guys, 'cause their riffs and hyper-energetic Blink 182 like drums will shake any party. With the breeziness of their lyrics, you can forget about all your daily cares. You can even stop thinking about your ex and drink a couple beers, living the moments, that you won’t tell your kids before the night! But at the same time, their songs can put you down and show to you that the world is full of magic, hidden in simple things. The main motto of this guys is «Getting older every second, don't kill the youth inside. You've got a life to feel the moments. ‘Cause every moment is your life» (c). ATBL."

We are new here on Patreon, but we hope with its huge community and with your help, we can make our first album.

Thank you all for your support.
God bless you.

$0 of $1,000 per month
When we reach $1000, we will record a complete single and all patrons will be on the cover. Also, all patrons will get a single before releasing on main services. You can speak with a team leader in discord channel here: DISCORD:
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