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About All the Birds

Hi I'm Alyssa and I'm illustrating all 10,600+ species of birds in the world!

You probably realize that this is a HUGE project and it takes a lot of time. Supporting me as an artist on Patreon means that you'll have early access to every bird illustration before it’s posted on the main blog on tumblr, you'll be able to participate in polls to help determine which birds are drawn next, and have access to Patreon community where we can plan some bird related challenges and learn about the diverse species of the world together. 

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  • Even the smallest tier of 1$ is helpful to me and greatly appreciated 
  • Tier payments are monthly and you can change your amount or cancel at any time

By supporting me here you’ll be helping me to purchase art mateials and supplies, provide me with the morale needed to get through a project like this, and help me pay rent so that I can live.

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Reaching this amount will allow me to purchase quality sticker supplies such as waterproof, UV resistant, removable vinyl and new blades for my di-cut machine. I can also add a sticker a month tier level. 
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