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About Alltime Gaming

Welcome! This is our Patreon.

Why the hell should I support you guys?! 

Because we're awesome! Obviously. But also because we love making videos for Alltime Gaming and we hope you like watching them just as much. If you think what we're doing is alright and would like to see more then we have some pretty cool rewards for those who want to go that little bit further to support us. 

Where the hell is my money going?! 

Oh we have plans baby! A trip to Barbados, a yacht. Just kidding (not kidding). Although we do have big plans. We want to launch no less than 4 new strands on our channel - And yes, ATG PLAYS will be one of them! Hell, we may even get around to doing a podcast.

What about those sweet rewards?!

Okay, calm down mate! We have loads of rewards for you. In addition to more content from ATG (which in itself is it's own reward, really) we'll release monthly compilations of our best outtakes - the stuff that would never see the light of day in a traditional YouTube sense. You'll also be able to shape the content that's being released on the channel through our exclusive Patreon.

So what are you waiting for?
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That's right, we'll release some exclusive threads if we reach this goal! 
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