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Three sisters of fate protect their youngest member, Alma the Plant Witch, as she navigates the worlds of magick, relationships, and humanity.  

Comic available on Webtoons:


The Team:

Col is a Black and Indiginous, non-binary, intersectionalist and art activist who uses they/them pronouns.  They love to use their illustrations to promote social justice and awareness as well as to center Blackness.  They create work from personal experiences and explore the intersections of sexuality, gender and trauma.  A mix of sequential narratives and one-off illustrations, their work blends traditional and digital techniques.  They currently live and work in the Greater Boston area and work on inking for WITCH.

Renie Jesanis is a Boston-based comics creator, graphic designer, civil engineer and colorist for WITCH. She released her first published, Being True: An LGBT Comics Anthology in 2018 as the editor in chief and contributing writer and illustrator. She lead a team in executing a successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $8,000 for the project, exceeding the fundraising goals by 50%. Being True has sold over 200 copies. She is currently writing and illustrating several LGBT comics short stories and is chipping away at her queer space-opera “Heartfinder”.  When she’s not working or cartooning, she enjoys playing video games with her partner, Dungeons & Dragons, being an activist, and (of course) reading comics. She is currently writing and illustrating her own webcomic “Kate Blast!”, now live at http://www.kateblast.com/
She can be found on Twitter at @renieplayerone.

Maura McGonagle is the writer, illustrator and editor for WITCH.  They specialize in narrative works and have created pieces for all ages, aiming to create dynamic, inclusive literature.  They illustrated ‘Elephant Ears, Lizard Legs and Eagle Eyes’ written by Meghan Hill, were featured in Being True: An LGBT Comics Anthology and were an illustrator in the ‘Pub Crawl Anthology’.  They currently live in Boston with their partner and their work can be found through their instagram @mcmcgonagle

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