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Worker Bee
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Thank you so much for supporting me! I'll be sharing about 80-85% of my art, including pictures of the process, with you on a weekly basis. This perk is available with all tiers.

Honey Bee
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Thank you so much for supporting me! I'll be sharing all of my art, including pictures of the process, with you multiple times a week.

Signed Print
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Each month, you will receive one 8 inch by 11 inch signed print of a flash sheet or finished piece (example: Rose Sugar Skull)

Print will change each month.

Shipped via usps.

Special Tier
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Currently available only to those who are already subscribed.

Custom Drawing
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Each month you can request one thing for me to draw, and I will do it to the best of my abilities! Depending on the complexity of your request, it will either be a centerpiece of a flash sheet or a full piece. I'll post progress pictures for you, as well as finished pictures, and I'll send you a signed print of your custom piece of art.

Queen Bee
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You're a one-of-a-kind person! Your generous support is helping me improve my art and afford new supplies on a regular basis. This tier includes the  benefits of all tiers below it, as well as a hand-written note and extra stickers!




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About hunny.hime


I'm an artist and entrepreneur who’s struggled with depression and anxiety for my entire life. Art was one of the only places that I found solace and happiness, but I was so filled with self-doubt and sadness that I rarely shared it with anyone. Now that I'm taking the proper steps to recovery, I'm feeling much happier and more creative, and I want to share my artwork and the love in my heart with everyone I can. I feel that I can use my experiences to help other people through some of the hard times in their lives, and together my patrons and I will be able to spread peace, love, and art across the globe. By becoming a patron, you’ll gain access to exclusive posts of the newest art and patron-only art, and receive signed prints of my finished artwork!

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a great day!

All the love in the cosmos-

Instagram: @hunny.hime, was previously @aloehunny
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Once I meet this goal, I’ll hold a giveaway with signed prints of my artwork on my Instagram account. Patrons will receive double entries in the giveaway :)
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