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Instead of having different tiers of support, I've decided to go with a "Pay What You Want" model. You can pledge just $1 per month, or you can pledge more — up to you!

I understand that everyone has unique circumstances. No matter how much you want to pledge, you're making a huge difference. 

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About Alone Time Club

Hi there!

Alone Time Club is an animated sketch show written, directed, photographed and animated by me, Kurt Quinn. While I call Alone Time Club an animated sketch show, It might be better described as an animated improv show. If you've ever seen a live long-form improv show, you know that the starting point is completely arbitrary and the performers are tasked with creating a cohesive world from that arbitrary point. Usually a suggestion from the audience, that starting point could be a location, a character, a historical event, even just a random word or sound. Nothing created can be un-created, so the final product is extremely unique.

In making the first episode of Alone Time Club, I began with that same idea. I gave myself an arbitrary suggestion, but unlike in a live improv set, that suggestion was visual. I carried my DSLR with me everywhere photographing textures, shapes, objects. Then I started animating before writing anything. So the shapes and textures from my life became those of the show and directly influenced the sketches. In many cases, the images I was playing with became the sketches themselves.

Because of this method, Alone Time Club has become a kind of journal for me. Every image (with the exception of a few - I couldn't photograph the actual Vitruvian Man for instance) is from a specific point in my life. The mountains in the far background of "Milan, 1490" are my wife's face from a day we ate at a local brewery. The closer mountains are the fabric of my backpack. The tree that catches fire exists outside a Target near my house. The entire city scape is made of images I photographed while visiting my brother in Japan. The airplane is made of my hand-saw, a fire extinguisher, wagon wheels from the Autrey Museum and on and on.

Creating Alone Time Club has been one of the most artistically gratifying experiences of my life and I'm making much much more!

So if you like it, please show a friend. If you hate it, show an enemy! If you REALLY like it, please consider pledging a few bucks to the project.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
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