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I have started this Patreon campaign due to the departure from my current network. I will be removing all adverts and monetisation from my channel, due to feeling the annoyance caused to my viewers by the adverts and the overall payoff, simply isn’t worth it, and I would rather my viewers simply enjoyed my videos without the ads we all love to hate - and with good reason.

My Patreon campaign is here for those who wish to lend a hand and help out my channel in any way they can. I will never expect payments, nor will I ever directly ask for them, it is simply something on the side that those who wish to help in any way they can, are able to do so.

There is no extra ‘reward’ for those who choose to donate, other than the good will of aiding my channel. If this is not enough to make you wish to donate, then you probably shouldn’t be donating in the first place.


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