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   As my patreon you will support my craft and ensure that i can continue to produce even more music. 

   You will also get access to all uploaded files in wav quality and 1-2 new track every month. <3



About Alrune

The Alrune Project:

I have been making psychedelic trance music for many years under the name Alrune, but with Patreon and crowdfunding i actually see a chance for me to make a living of my music.
Lately i have been working mostly on the Audhumbla project but i have so much unreleased music i want to share, both old and new.

I started making electronic music in early 90' when i got an 8-bit sampler for 9my Amiga computer. Primarily playing around with Hip-Hop in the beginning but after a few years I heard my first track with psychedelic trance, and fell in love with the sound and vibes.
In 98' I moved to Aarhus and found the psytribe. I have released tracks on different labels as Gi'wa Productions and Parvati Records. In 2012 my friends and i (Jahbo and B8st) released the Abrahadabra album on Parvati records. 

I make psychedelic trance because it works, its a tool for the mind, a new form for spiritual path but it needs to be perfected via digital alchemy.

I will be uploading 1-2 tracks in wav quality every month.
I will also upload everything in mp3 quality on my Youtube and Facebook pages:
Alrune - Youtube
Alrune - Facebook


Disclosure is important. I need to be upfront with you all to make this work. So let's be clear about what you will be funding, as well as my other sources of income. Right now i am between jobs, but i hope to live of my music in the near future. I will never stop making music but if i have to work a slave job, then music production declines and most of it ends up on a hard drive for my grand kids to discover.  Any changes to the dynamic, to my work, to anything involving this, will be disclosed immediately, as and when they occur.

You will be funding my life: Kids, rent, food, gas, smoke, what i need to get my life working. And if this becomes my primary income i will get much more time for music and will upload in bulk.

I get danish welfare: This is actually not as easy as you might think. I am fighting just to get what i am entitled to because the authorities thinks that i am living of my music. If i get this to work i will loose my welfare, but i hope it happens fast. I do not like to be in the grasps of the system.

We are launching the Audhumbla project: This does not pay anything yet, but i have high hopes for this project.

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With 4000 patreons i will be free from the system and from wasting time gathering money. Time to make plans for the future.
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