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AlterbookVisuary is creating an endless variety of complex diagrams, as well as an ongoing blog with scholarly annotations, all interpretations upon the ancient Book of Changes, or Yijing, Zhouyi, and I Ching of pre-Dynastic China:

The Book of Changes is most often conceived of as black or white: either some anthropologically 'correct' translation of the text, or a feel-good, mystical interpretation - a two-dimensional riff on what an oracle is supposed to be capable of, at best derivative of Tarot or Astrology, which have no texts of their own, per se... Even when the conception is both, as in the Wilhelm-Baynes translation for which C.G. Jung wrote an introduction, the effect is to reduce the Yijing to an incomplete interpretation of the historically sanctioned, canonical version. How can we reconcile Change itself with a narrow tradition of ritual convention?
Alterbook-Visuary is an emergent culmination of over twenty-five years of research into the Book of Changes. As the earliest layer of the oracle existed for centuries without text, as a discrete body of diagrammatic notation, the primary offering is to augment and develop this all but forgotten notational aspect to an unprecedented degree; and then, as the Yijing only survived over three millennia as a text, first as interpretations upon the notational form, and then as a copious body of secondary interpretive literature, we also offer an interpretive blog with scholarly annotations. The function of the blog will be to interpret the complex diagrams as they become available for purchase and review, to compare and review the extant secondary literature in English and in many cases to make resources not widely known more readily accessible, and to emphasize an alternative approach which has been sacrificed within the global and the indigenous tradition, but which is no less rooted in the original, formal, and speculative inquiry-minded functionality of the Book of Changes from its very inception.
The Yijing represents a singularly fecund disjunct between the characteristic functions of both words and images, and so it is absolutely unique in its peculiar economy, in form and function. What was invented organically as an oracle, only survived through dynasties and millennia to embrace a global context by being interpreted as a 'book of wisdom.' What's the difference? How can we measure these matters? That is what Alterbook-Visuary
is designed to address, with your help!

Please note: I do not practice Feng Shui, nor do I claim to have studied or to understand that art in any way. Neither have I studied nor do I understand the Chinese language. My interpretation of the Yijing I have gleaned through an extensive accumulation of a library of translations and secondary literature in English. Although I am presently pursuing a transdisciplinary PhD. in adjacent arts and philosophies, with respect to the Yijing I am an autodidact, and at best 'Chinese-adjacent.'  Alterbook-Visuary represents an apocryphal view which both challenges and pays due tribute in the context of cultural and canonical orthodoxies.  That is my best estimation of the original purpose and function of the Yijing.  Inquire at your own discretion.
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