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You love the Always Gametime community and our mission. For pledging at this level, you become a fundamental piece of carrying this dream out, and support me directly. I am eternally grateful for the people who have believed in me and what we can achieve. 
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At this tier, you aren't just helping us move forward financially, you get to help lay the path for things to come. Pledge now to get access to our Patron Only Discord Server, an online platform that allows us to communicate directly. With access you get:

          • A private text and voice chat server to talk with other patrons and I

           • I will go to my patrons first before the community with major decisions regarding the YouTube / Twitch Channels and the future of AGT 

           • More likely to get a faster response to questions and messages

           • Potential for future patron only events, tournaments, giveaways, and more.

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Stepping up your support to the $10 tier not only means you are going to get every benefit from the previous tiers, but you deserve to be recognized in the community. I am beyond thankful for my supporters, and love them all, but if you want to get your name on the big screen, then this is the tier for you. 

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Hello! My name is Ben Flanders, and I have been playing video games my entire life. I am the founder of Always Gametime, a YouTuber / Livestreamer, and a "gamer". I have always enjoyed the company of friends and other players when I try out a new game. Having someone else who shares my passion for something along the ride has always elevated my gaming experience, and I am fascinated with the idea that this concept can become something for people who don't have friends to play with.

So to answer the question, "What is Always Gametime and why do I care?" I want to tell you about my vision.

The Always Gametime Vision Statement: we believe that it isn't the game we are playing that gives us the title of “gamer”, but rather an adopted lifestyle of those who play, make, and enjoy games that truly defines us. We believe that people are the core that makes a truly great game, exceptional. Always Gametime serves to provide a community for people everywhere to come together, because we are the foundation of the very thing we love. Whether you want to level up your gaming experience by becoming part of a community that understands you, or you just want some teammates to go raid with, Always Gametime will forever be a place of welcome.

Join us on discord where our community can engage in game discussions, strategies, and the newest updates. Watch us live on Twitch where you can talk with other viewers and participate in live gameplay, or catch our archived gaming videos and tutorials on YouTube. Join the movement of positivity in online gaming, and tell others about our cause.

Always Gametime is an online platform for video entertainment that exists to cultivate a community around gaming. We provide gaming videos, livestreams, gaming related blog posts, and an online forum for you to get involved with others who share your passion. Most importantly, we challenge you in whatever game you play, to be you, because you are what takes gaming to the next level. 

So why Patreon? It's simple, because, without you, there would be no me. Always Gametime has always been, and will always be, about the community. Taking AGT to the place I have dreamed about is going to take an extraordinary amount of work, and while I am giving 100% of my available effort to make it happen, there is only so much I can do alone. This exists so that one day you can look back and know that you made an incredible contribution to making this happen. Thank you so much! 
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At 25 patrons, I will start an exclusive weekly blog post for patrons to get a behind the scenes look at what goes into making AGT happen. This blog will not only be a fun outlet for me to get close to my supporters and let them know how much they mean to me but will also serve to allow patrons to potentially help and come up with ways to improve AGT.
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