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is creating Illustration, Painting, Embroidery, and Mixed Media
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About Alyssa Campbell Art


I'm Campbell, an artist, illustrator, and designer currently residing in the state of New York (originally from Iowa). My current work consists of embroidery, illustration (both traditional and digital), and painting (mainly watercolor at the moment). But I do not restrict myself to one medium. I enjoy learning new techniques and experimenting with different combinations of materials.  

The content that I will share with my patrons will include works-in-progress, finished pieces, as well as pieces done purely for the joy of experimenting.

Your contribution as a patron will help me be able to continue to work on all my personal projects. Below are just a few of my current project goals:

-Finish my current series of embroideries and delve into the next series
-Finish my series of ink drawings that were originally going to be for Inktober before life got in the way. Want to finish them anyway since I am quite intrigued by a few of my ideas.
-Work on Alice in Wonderland character redesign project.
-Get my graphic novel concept ready to the point where I can share behind the scenes content with you all.
-Find new and creative ways to incorporate the mass of random art supplies I have collected over the last few years.

Thank you for your support!
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First goal! The income for this first goal will go towards supplies and a new printer/scanner since my has recently perished. When this goal has been reached, stickers will be added to tiers Indigo, Ultramarine, and Rouge, AND ALL tiers will receive a digital sketch of a thank you drawing.
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