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Ring-tailed Vontsira
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Ring-tailed vontsiras are common and big Madonna fans. I'm hoping that'll translate to my patrons. If 20% of my followers chose this reward tier (maybe while listening to Vogue?), I'd be sitting quite pretty.

What you get:

  • 1 surprise high-res wildlife photo emailed to you when you pledge and then every year that you are a patron!
  • Early access to public content (e.g., a Makira Lessons post)
  • Sneak peeks on what I'm working on
Broad-striped Vontsira
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Broad-striped vontsiras, less common than ring-tailed vontsiras, like to stalk scientists on night-time lemur surveys. It would be more disturbing if they were bigger than a well-fed gray squirrel.

What you get:

  • The ring-tailed vontsira rewards PLUS
  • One ADDITIONAL surprise high-res wildlife photo emailed to you when you pledge and then every year that you are a patron!
Brown-tailed Vontsira
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Brown-tailed vontsiras, only found in northeastern Madagascar, are easily spooked and do not like dogs. But look at that tail! So floofy!!!

What you get:

  • One surprise high-res wildlife photo printed and mailed to you when you pledge and then every year you are a patron!
  • Early access to public content and sneak peeks




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About Asia Murphy

I am a scientist that studies wildlife using trail cameras (aka camera traps). And my goal is to put camera traps in every patch of remote tropical forest around the globe, getting candid snapshots of animals to share with the world. For SCIENCE!

Although my #whoseatingbambi graduate work is time-consuming, I'm constantly sharing things with others. I skype with kids, give talks at bars, and inform using tweets, pictures, videos, and fiction. 
  • Do you know what a fitoaty is? Find out
  • Wonder how colonialism and conservation are connected? Read on!
  • Did you know fosa are an actual animal and not just an animated villain? It's true!

With your support, I'll be able to share more wildlife wonder with you! With your help, I'll be able to:
  • continue posting awesome fieldwork wildlife pics taken with a well-kept photography kit
  • continue sharing interesting science tidbits in understandable ways
  • continue sharing cool new Madagascar research with Makira Lessons (and begin sharing equally cool PA-based science once I get #whoseatingbambi results)

But I don't just intend to take you inside forests that exist here on earth. One of my projects for 2019 is to finish a final reader-ready draft of a novel that I've been kicking around in my head for a decade, one that takes ecological science and looks at it through a fantasy lens. It asks: 
Also, feathered reptilian beasts of burden.

Thank you so much for considering supporting my endeavors to share the science, wonder, and mystery that remains in this world (and others) with everyone!
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