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Bonus Track - Loops and Commentary

Get a bonus audio track with every song. Up until now, after I've ended every song I've included commentary and played the individual loops so that potential collaborators can chop them up and use them. Now, only you will get this, as a separate audio track. Hear the parts that make up the songs, and where I'm at in the moments after each one.
per Daily Song (improvised a cappella piece)

A Cappella Juke Box

Get all the above plus access to a Patrons-Only voting/discussion board (platform TBD) where you can discuss ideas for improvisation. Popular ideas, and/or things that get me inspired, will guide my music-making every Friday. Maybe it's a chord progression, a particular tempo, a poem, a topic, a time signature, an image... prompt me, prod me, let's make something together.
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per Daily Song (improvised a cappella piece)

Lessons - Video and Skype

Get all the above plus a monthly 45-minute Skype lesson on vocal improvisation and basic singing technique (patrons' choice). Plus a monthly instructional video, "Making Music Now," in which I'll teach you about techniques used to be able to come up with music off the top of your head and keep going, day after day, month in month out. There's no trick to this magic; you can do it too.




per Daily Song (improvised a cappella piece)

About Amado

Please Notice: I've put this Creator Account on hiatus since about September 2016, when I started graduate work in music. The micro-patronage model didn't work for me (or, I didn't work the model); go listen to my music for free on SoundCloud.

My life's mission is simple: to use music to bring joy, hope, and mirth to people's lives, and also some relief from sorrow and despair. That, to me, is worthwhile in and of itself.

But as they say in business: no margin, no mission. No matter how worthwhile your thing is, if it doesn't make enough money to support itself, it will die and the thing will go not-done.

I keep my spontaneous-music-making skills sharp by attending a week-long training retreat every year put on by Bobby McFerrin and his colleagues. Your support of this project will help me deepen and broaden what I can express in the improvised pieces I create.

I make about 20-22 songs every month. A pledge of $0.35 per song is about $7-$8 per month; a pledge of $1 (the default amount in that box) per song is about $20 per month. Just so you know, so you can decide what's right for you.
$5 of $20 per Daily Song (improvised a cappella piece)
Every year that I have had the chance to attend the Circlesongs workshop, I've learned many, many things that transform the way I approach music-making and relating to others. It has got me making music again, regularly. It has fundamentally transformed my approach to making music, and what making music means to me. I'm now committed to making every musical choice I make mean something, and have the potential to reach people and move them in some way that matters to them.

These retreats have always been expensive for me, but I've managed to find the funds every year. Last year, I had to go for a shorter length of time, because the funds for this are running out. If I'm to go this year, and take my musicianship and vocal proficiency to ever-higher levels, I'm going to need this support. Your donation helps activate Awesome Mode for me.
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