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About Amanda Byrd

Who is Amanda Byrd?
I am!  I kid, okay, sort of.  I really am me, but much more fun than bad dad jokes.  I'm a full-time student and author of some fun and crazy adventures in the fantasy/urban (NOT erotica)/universe travel/sci-fi/dark fantasy/slightly horror/slightly comedic realms.  I genre-blend because I couldn't seem to stick to just one.... until now. Okay, fine, it's down to 2 now, but you catch my drift.  And why should I?  I create, that's what I do.  Sure, I use the real world, but I fantasize it to a point where your imagination takes over and you're in "vacation mode" because THAT is what fiction is about, right?  Right.  To take you out of your reality and put you in another.  An escape, if you will.  Which, let's face it, who isn't trying to escape something.  My escape is writing for people who enjoy dark fantasy and horror.  I've always been a fantasy reader (even true crime and crime fiction) but I've been in love with horror forever and wanted to write it.  I like that I can get away from reality for a little while, as a breather, before heading back to real life and responsibilities of being a so-called adult (I refuse to acknowledge the title.  Let's find me a better one, shall we?)

Please note, my work gets bloody and violent.

Why Patreon?
A friend suggested it as a way to help build a reader/fan base, so I'm here trying it out, working as I go, so please bear with me here. I know I should have had some super well thought out something to write, but I'm a bit of a pantser and I like it that way.

What do I (Amanda) Get from Your Patronage?
Like I mentioned above, the possibility of fans who enjoy my work. I also get accountability and input. If I tell you that you'll have your pictures or pages by the 15th of the month (that is the date I'm officially setting, btw), than I have to email it to you by or before that date or what good is my word to you, my Patron/friend/possible fan? Last, I get my dream: I'm still in school full time, so your patronage will help me attain the freedom of not having to run around like a crazy person from home to school to work and back, but I'll instead be able to focus on school and writing and marketing and publishing.

What do YOU Get from Me?
You get to provide input and insights I may not have considered.  Also, as mentioned in the $25 and $30 tiers, you have the chance to be a character! And not just any character, a lucky few of you will be able to tell me how you want your character killed! You also get to be a part of something bigger than all of us; books others enjoy and literacy. Another super awesome thing you may even get - main goal met, of course - is a book and or con tour!
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I'll reveal in a patron only post the methods to the madness that are my notes and processes. Video, of course, becuase I need to narrate how.... fun it is.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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